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We bought our first sheltie in 1993 and were hooked.

Our current pair of shelties have been shown extensively in the 4H dog program. Highlights include 3 state champion titles in obedience (Beginner, Pre Open and Graduate Open) and over 15 county champion wins in obedience, agility, showmanship, and rally obedience. This is Sunny with some of her awards.

Shetland sheepdogs are a versatile breed. They excel in everything from obedience, agility, herding, and rally to tracking and service dog work. I have even read of a sheltie that earned a championship title in weight pulling. The same traits that make them a great working dogs also make them great pets. Shelties are loyal, trustworthy and dedicated partners that are always eager to please their owners. They are also incredibly intelligent. According to Stanely Coren in his book "The Intelligence of Dogs" shelties are the sixth smartest dog breed and on average they learn a new command in 5 or less repetitions and obey their first command more than 95% of the time. Another scientist, Kathy Coon, conducted a similar study but based her rankings on the dogs' ability to solve problems like reaching food that is underneath furniture and pulling on ropes to open cages etc. In her study, shelties ranked as the second smartest breed.

At Sunny Shelties, we are dedicated to raising happy, healthy sheltie puppies in a family environment. We give each puppy a temporary call name and learn each puppy's unique personality. Each pup gets a tremendous amount of individual attention, and is held every day of its first few weeks of life. Every puppy goes on at least 3 car rides, usually to nursing homes, schools, the park etc. 

Puppies are sold with AKC registration. They have their dew claws removed, have received their first set of shots, and have had a vet check. They have also been wormed and are taken outside every few hours to initiate potty training. They are exposed to cats, vacuums, horses, chickens, ducks, and various other animals and household noises. We will post pictures of puppies every week so you can watch them grow up.

Puppies leave our home with their AKC papers, and a sample of the food they have been eating so any change can be made slowly. They are groomed and have their nails trimmed. We also like to send with a favorite toy.

If you have any questions or concerns after bringing the puppy home, we are always happy to help with puppy training questions.


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